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Filing Your Personal Injury Claim - First Steps

After a car accident, a slip and fall, or any other type injury, you are confused and in pain.  You must remember that your health and well being comes first. You must take care of yourself before you attempt to settle an injury claim.

According to a local Texas law firm, TSK Law, some often asked questions are:

  • What to do first?  Take care of yourself; see to that first. Then you can take steps to file a claim. (note: filing a claim against the government is different and there are different steps that need to be taken.)  Gather your information. Who caused it? What damage was done?  Did you take pictures? Do you have your medical files and xrays? It’s important to note here that you should not talk to anyone until you hire a lawyer! Don’t give a statement to your insurance or admit blame or fault to anyone. And whatever you do, do not accept payment!

  • Did you write everything down? Don’t trust it to your memory.  What have you done since the accident - what doctors did you see, did you go to the hospital? Were there any witnesses? Have you talked to them - taken their statement? Have you lost work because of it? Did you let the potential defendant know that you plan to file a suit.

  • How long do I have to let someone know that I wish to file a claim against them?  There is no set time, because each state’s laws are different. That being said,  you do not have forever. You need to file as soon as you can.  The quicker you file, the better.  It will only increase your chances of winning your case, as well as speed up the process.  (Remember that the rules are different if filing a suit against the government.)  Keep in mind that even though you may tell someone that you intend to file a claim, you are not obligated to file. You only are reserving the right to file because of your injuries, thus letting them know that you are intending on preceding quickly but at your own speed. Your attorney will help you do this if you have not done it yet on your own.

  • Is there a time frame to adhere to when filing?  Yes. Your claim does need to be filed in a timely manner in order to insure that you are rightfully compensated. Remember that old saying, “you snooze, you lose.”  There are statutes of limitations that state your time frame for filing. If you let that slip by, you could forfeit any right to a claim or settlement.  Check out what the time limits are in your state.

  • When the defendant is the government, how soon should I file a claim?  Filing a claim against the government is different than filing against a company or an individual. The time frame ranges from 30 days to a year, depending on where you live (what state) and your type of case. The government is strict about this time frame, so take care that you do not forfeit your claim due to untimely filing. The best thing to do is to call your local government office and ask their attorney.  Although the person you talk to could be your potential adversary, he or she has the obligation to tell you the truth.   

This should help you when you’re considering filing a claim, but if you’re still confused, it’s best to contact a lawyer to help you answer all your questions.

Can a Chiropractor Really Help Back Pain?

"One thing active people should always remember is that your back is stressed and strained often. You may eventually realize that you don’t have the back that you used to. By visiting a chiropractor, you can dramatically improve the way that your back feels." Dr Schade Active Life Chiropractic Clinic

As you are no doubt aware, though, every chiropractor is unique. It’s worth noting, though, that chiropractors can work on other body parts. You need to take your time and be patient when you are selecting a chiropractor.

Overall, though, you should expect to invest six weeks before you feel the results of your chiropractic care. If you trust their chiropractor, you should accept their advice. A good chiropractor should be able to improve things in three months or fewer.

A good chiropractor must also be trustworthy and know that people need to be at ease in order for healing to occur.

By visiting a trained chiropractor, you can quickly and dramatically improve the way that your back feels.

You need to take your time and be patient when you are selecting a chiropractor. A trained chiropractor knows that people need to be at ease in order for healing to occur.

Once you know the answers to these important questions, you will be ready to hire a competent chiropractor. By speaking with a chiropractor, you can dramatically improve your overall health.

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